Just in case you missed it the first/second time, I’ve moved accounts here, and I may delete this account, so I advise you unfollow it before it becomes one of those annoying un-unfollowable dead accounts.

Moving Account Cont.

Okay, so I just realised that I didn’t say where or why I was going. Here we go.

a) my new tumblr account is still “vividlyvisceral”- it’s just shiny and new. I made it literally a minute ago, so I have no avatar, no theme, no posts, no nothing. Completely fresh.

b) Let’s cut straight to the chase— after posting about my story, there was suddenly a shit-ton of pressure on me about all manner of things I wasn’t prepared for. That was the first sign that I had been way too preemptive about the whole thing.
I took four months off pretty much because I was fucking terrified of all the attention I got. I should’ve been grateful, but to be honest I was overwhelmed when I got 1000 notes. So, when I got to 10, 000, I would cry on and off all the time because I was constantly terrified, and I broke down the moment someone rightly pointed out that I was going about things entirely the wrong way.

Basically, I’m a wimp, and I’d like to go back to having fun on Tumblr rather than seeing it as a chore, you know?

Moving Account

So, I’ve had a four month break, and I’ve decided to create a new Tumblr account in order to have a proper fresh start.

In order to save you from an un-unfollowable dead account, I won’t be deleting this account since quite a few people are still following me, which I suppose after four months of complete inactivity is kind of nice. I definitely recommend unfollowing, though, since I won’t be using this account any more.

Hope you’re having a great day!

There’s a lot I need to think about, and so much more that I need to learn, so I’m taking a break from Tumblr in order to properly do so, as Tumblr is a distraction, and a burden.

While I am thankful for all the people and writers I have met because of my initial “50, 000” readers post, and my “Things I would like to see in YA” post, I have recently begun having anxiety attacks again over how preemptive the entire idea was, how hasty I had been to get a response from the Tumblr writing community, and I now regret posting it at all; I really should have waited.

I really just want both post(s) to die down, once and for all, so that I can return to the days of quiet Tumblring. Until that time, I’m going to take a step back from Tumblr and think more about this.

Thank you to everyone for your time and interest, I wish you a very happy New Year.

- Vivid.

So our clocks over here have switched over, and 2012 has ended. Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2013 is a wonderful year for you all.

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When planning story: This is great! I can go far with this.
When writing story: No I can't.

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“You can make a difference” http://on.fb.me/QEchT0


“You can make a difference” http://on.fb.me/QEchT0

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